"I'll hae nae hauf-way hoose but aye be whaur extremes meet..." Hugh McDiarmid

Friday, 13 April 2012

more firsts

today is a day of more firsts for me:

1. the first time I posted my blog onto facebook
2. the first donation to my charities - making me feel all warm and fuzzy, and making it all more real
3. the first decision about events

I signed up to the PDO biathlon on 3rd May. 600m swim and 4.5km run. this is the last one of the season before it gets insanely hot out here! I'm using it as a warm up for the Fahal island swim later in the month. Fahal is going to be my first fundraising event I've decided, as long as I can get a kayaker as my sea support. the swim is around 4km and we need someone on a kayak to escort us in case we have to be rescued. I am optimistic I won't need rescued, but the organisers won't take my word for it :D

I am also a little closer to booking my first training with Clipper. I don't think I'll really settle until this is done and I have passed it. 

until then, I need to train and stretch, work, plan, work, train and stretch, work, plan, train and stretch.

I think it's going to be a good 16 months :)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

first post

well I applied, was interviewed and accepted for Clipper 2013-14. I have thought long and hard about the amount of money I need to pay to do the whole round the world race. finally I am comfortable with it. I am going to look for some sponsors to cover part of the berth fee, and others to provide clothing and equipment. hopefully :)

so far, I am staying at the ROH Muscat until end of May 2013. this means I can go straight back to the UK at the start of June and complete my levels 2 and 3 before joining the yacht which will be home for almost 12 months. fingers crossed, level 1 and theory will be passed by the end of the summer this year. this will be a landmark point for me, as it means I can then concentrate on fundraising for my four charities and searching for sponsorship.

my charities are:

RNLI - a charity I have fundraised for in the past and will continue to support in the future. if I lived near the sea in the UK I would apply to be a volunteer lifeboat person.

Maggie's - such an important charity for cancer sufferers and their families. I have done the pedal for scotland in the past for Maggie's.

SANDS - losing a baby at any stage is tragic and incredibly difficult to deal with. I have seen family and friends go through this. please support them.

STEPS - as a child I was diagnosed with CDH (congenital dislocation of the hip) and underwent many months of traction, surgery and plaster cast immobilisation. thankfully after all that I am only a little bit wonky. I have never let my wonkiness stop me :)

as I research and accumulate challenges to do before the Clipper Race starts in July 2013, I will blog about them and add them onto my virgin giving page. any money donated on this page is split equally 4 ways between my charities. none of the money donated on virgin giving goes towards my berth fee. if you would like to donate to my berth fee, please email me on clairedoesclipper@me.com