"I'll hae nae hauf-way hoose but aye be whaur extremes meet..." Hugh McDiarmid

Saturday, 16 June 2012

back to training!

finally went to the physio a few days after the tri last month where I discovered I had damaged one leg of my deltoid ligament in my right ankle. she reckoned it could have been because I was 'scooping' the pedals on an unfamiliar bike, so at least I was not going crazy!!

two weeks of it being strapped up and a lot of ibuprofen and biofreeze made it a lot better. I managed a trip to Dubai to do a fibre-optic course (and a tiny bit of shopping...) and at work we have been doing night shifts testing the outdoor areas for next season. bizarrely even at night it is still over 40C with stupid humidity. ew.

the other day I had my last physio appointment, and Jo told me I could start gently running on the treadmill again. that made me very happy as I have been climbing the walls not being able to run. instead I have been swimming - training with my friend Ahmed who is doing Challenge Roth soon. we have been doing about 3km every other day for the last week, which is great, but I am getting quite sunburned. for some reason he insists on training between 12 and 2 in the afternoon...I am ginger!! this will change when we stop having days off at work anyway ;)

longer term plans are coming together as well. I am hoping to do the Abu Dhabi half marathon in November and the Dubai marathon end of January 2013. these will both be firsts for me and will make up for missing the Muscat half on Thursday. I am being bike support for one of my friends so I still get to do it :)

the Clipper 11/12 crew left Nova Scotia yesterday to head to Derry-Londonderry. I am imagining how they must feel on their last ocean leg before the race ends...

I go to the UK in August to do my level 1 and I am starting to get very excited about it. I can't wait to learn how to sail one of these yachts.  I am trying to think about what I will do when I get back, but that is a *very* long way away!

anyway, time to go swimming!