"I'll hae nae hauf-way hoose but aye be whaur extremes meet..." Hugh McDiarmid

Saturday, 22 September 2012


it's been a mad few days at work. we've had the royal philharmonic orchestra in for two days. the first night was a straightforward classical concert so I was in the control room mixing for recording, but last night was them doing a broadway concert of popular musical theatre songs. finally I got to mix a big show from our beautiful auditorium :D

I wasn't planning a very loud show, but the acoustic in the hall with the concert shell in position is incredibly lively. the phil were playing with a session band and had two singers, all of which had to be heard over an orchestra going at full tilt... it ended up being the loudest show we've ever done! it was a brilliant night though, the audience loved all the songs. they had a really good selection - shows that I knew, shows that I had worked on, along with shows I had no idea about. the arrangements were great, the conductor was bonkers, and the singers were really easy to work with. at the end, they did a medley from mamma mia and the audience were on their feet, dancing and singing along. the opera house has never seen anything like it! the ushers looked a bit terrified, bless them...

I'm mixing another two shows this week from the auditorium, so am feeling a bit spoiled :)

yesterday I swam for a mate in the first sprint triathlon of the season. I had to be at work for 9am so couldn't do the whole thing (I take too long...) but it was dead nice to just do the swim. I've not swam in the sea for ages and I need to start training properly for the al Fahal island swim next year. I want to beat my time from this year...

so I got into the opera house yesterday morning and got a text from my mum 'you're in the standard' it said. so I phoned her...

me: what?
mum: I was sitting eating my breakfast, reading the paper and I turned the page and said to your dad, 'oh! claire's in the paper!'
me: ah. they were supposed to send a copy so I could proof it. and let you know
mum: that's not a very flattering picture they've used
me: thanks...

anyway. I am off swimming with Ahmed this morning. he is training for *another* ironman, this time in australia. I would love to do an ironman eventually, but I'm sticking to sprint triathlon until after clipper :)