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Thursday, 10 May 2012

biathlon news

so the biathlon was last thursday. it was pretty hot but not unbearable. the sea was really calm so the swim was ok. the run was fairly horrific though. I need to work on my running - get faster and build distance. in this heat and humidity (we went from 0 to about 80% overnight this week - helpful) intervals could be too hard. I think distance is more important to me at the moment, now I have signed up to do a half marathon on the 21st of june. also, a 'beat the heat' triathlon on the 25th of may. yes, 8 days after the 4km island swim. send help.

work-wise we are just getting through our maintenance lists. it is pretty luxurious to get a weekend every week! I have also *finally* started an arabic class. been here for 10 months and not learned any except vital words like thanks, enough, for the love of god etc...

I am starting to think about my sponsorship plan now. who to approach, how to approach them, what they could get out of it, what to ask for. there is a lot to consider. I don't want to promise too much, but at the same time I don't want to sell myself short. dilemma.

training is going ok. swim next week. have found a volunteer to kayak for me! just need to find them a kayak...

clipper-wise, I am now booked onto my level 1 and theory courses in august, so I will be in the uk briefly :) then straight back to start the second season in muscat.

I did put some (fairly embarrassing) photos up from the biathlon. thankfully none of the run! more will follow after the fahal swim :)

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