"I'll hae nae hauf-way hoose but aye be whaur extremes meet..." Hugh McDiarmid

Saturday, 11 August 2012

UK time

so I have been in the UK for about two weeks now. I arrived back the day before the olympic opening ceremony to surprise my mum for her birthday :) customs at heathrow was the fastest I have ever known it! the train from london to carlisle was cancelled though and I ended up having to go to newcastle and across to dumfries that way - slow :( I did eventually make it to my mum's friend's house where we had planned she would be and she looked really surprised when I walked in. so that was worth it :D

I had a nice relaxed few days at home and saw loads of folk in glasgow that I hadn't seen for a while, then headed back off to london town to see more folk. it was a busy but good few days there as well before I headed off to gosport to join my level 1 clipper course.

I finished that yesterday (it gets a whole post - eventually) and am now in dorset at lorna and david's. they had a baby in may and tomorrow I am going to deny satan for an hour for her christening. she is very placid and incredibly cute and doesn't mind me walking about with her talking nonsense. what a patient child :D

on monday I start my navigation course back in gosport, which I'm assured will make more sense having done level 1 already. unfortunately I can't do any more training this year with clipper, but am hoping to do levels 2 and 3 back to back next june when my contract is up in muscat and I come back home. it should go quickly, as I am back to muscat on the 22nd of august and go straight into the aida fit-up. once the season starts it'll be busy! need to get back in touch with omansail when i get back who have kindly offered to help me out on some yacht time :)

also back to normal training from monday as well - it's a bit difficult to go running on a yacht.... I also need to think about adapting my training to include a lot more strength and core work. that's going to be a lot more useful than cardio ultimately. 

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