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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

please try harder sticker...

...that goes to me by the way. I told myself after I got that last post out of the way I would be back to normal, blogging all sorts of nonsense on a more regular basis, but no. so I get a 'please try harder' sticker...

so I am going to try to post a blog every friday - that's our main day off here in sunny oman - feel free to nag me if I don't... my mate challenged me to make it weekly, so here goes. wish me luck!

the clipper race is now only three payments and quite a lot of training away!! I finish up at the royal opera house on the 31st of may and fly back to glasgow on the 1st of june :D as some kind of weird celebration of this, I've entered the mabie forest 10k trail run on the 9th of june...hopefully the jetlag will be gone by then :S

level 2 and 3 are back-to-back at the end of june to mid july roughly. the start date has been moved back a wee bit and we're now not going til the 18th of august at the earliest. I'll be in the uk really briefly for crew allocation in portsmouth on the 11th of may and am starting to annoy folk at work by going 'is it may yet?' all the time... :D I can't wait for crew allocation though. finally get to meet, plan and hang out with my team mates and the skipper who will be my boss for a year! is it may yet?

I'm still doing the crossfit thing three times a week with a friend, and hopefully start training for the fahal island swim soon as well. you may have read from last year's post that I basically just turned up and swam 4 and a bit km in the sea never having swam anything like that distance before. this year I am going to be organised. I am. honest. me and lea have decided we're going to aim for 1h15 this year - we both did around 1h30 last year so it may be possible!!

my parents are here just now on holiday, which is lovely. they are having a nice relaxing time, not like last year where they were dragged all over oman by me and sarah. she had a baby a few days ago, so they get a break this time! also I am working loads this year as all my holiday has been used up with clipper training, and getting home for january. they don't seem to mind though - lying by the pool and walking along the beach every day certainly seems to be agreeing with them :)

I'm about 15000 words into writing the manual I have to finish before I can leave the opera house. every time I think I'm about to finish a section I remember something I haven't even mentioned. I sigh and add another chapter heading. thank god for auto table of contents updating in word. that's all I'm saying...

that is kind of it with me just now. I'm just trying to start sorting stuff out for getting back to the uk. 3 months isn't a very long time to sell your car, sell your furniture, clear out your wardrobe, close your bank accounts, pack and move. it will be almost a year since I last sailed when I go to do my level 2. I won't remember anything, but at least I go straight onto level 3 and then not long til the race start.

is it may yet?

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