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Sunday, 28 July 2013

change of hull

so, yesterday we got an email from clipper. with a final list of the hull numbers matching to the crew who will sail on her. six of the hulls remain unchanged, but six have been moved around. guess what? we have been changed. no longer CV30, now CV23.

CV30 has (I think) not even arrived in the UK yet, so I'm relieved that my hull actually exists. better than that, I've actually sailed on her. this was the 70 we did our level 3 on a few weeks ago.

it's good, I guess, that she exists so we can work on her - there is a bit to do after doing all those training courses! I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this hull change. I feel like I'd settled with CV30 and her lateness - a joke on our level 3 was that we may do leg 1 on a 68 - and to be moved around now is a bit unsettling this close to the race. to be fair to clipper, I think at one point they did mention that our hull numbers were not fixed, although it would be interesting to see how many folk actually picked up on this.

I'm not entirely sure of the logic either. we don't have a sponsor yet, so why move us so far up the hull numbers? other folk have sponsors and no hulls. so to my mind it would make sense to wrap their hulls in the branding now. apparently not. pete stirling, on CV31 (unchanged), was announced yesterday as the skipper of the Jamaican entry, yet his hull is still not here.

eric and matt (my skipper, for those new to the blog) have been bumped up to CV21 and 23 respectively, even though we are (for the moment anyway) without sponsors.

in other news, I am joining CV23 on the 12th of august for pre-race preparation and then the delivery voyage to london. this time in a month we will be in the race village at st katharine's dock near tower bridge. five weeks tonight we'll be at the party before the off tomorrow at noon!!!!

either way. CV23 will be fighting fit and we will all be full of fire having got her how we want her :D

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