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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

post-training pre-joining madness

so, after training finished I charged around the UK for a week before heading back to the parents. this was really lovely. I saw loads of folk, relaxed, in dave's case cooked a lot (!) and got my washing done.

however it wasn't all fun and games. having survived level 2, my goddaughter and level 3, my glasses decided to snap and one of the lenses fell out. d'oh! wasn't expecting to have to buy new specs. as it had been some time since I'd had an eye test, I got that out of the way and the same day came out of the shop with two new pairs of reading glasses. you know, from the place that makes its name by doing buy one get one free :)

the same morning, I'd decided that as I seemed to have a free morning I would fill it. not by relaxing, reading or chilling out. oh no. that's not really me. I did a 3-hour introduction to circus class ran by the marvellous aerial edge at the briggait in glasgow. it was awesome. there are NO photos. and I hurt for around three days afterwards...

that week I was in glasgow. had to see the dentist and the hygienist for my annual checkup and polish, and see another bunch of folk. it was my mum's birthday too, so me and leigh were away doon hame to have lunch. they hadn't booked the place they like to go, and it was full, so we had to find somewhere else. it wasn't great, suffice to say they won't be back.

handily though, I'd left my photocard driving licence and passport at the parents, so they had a good excuse to come to glasgow for the day and have lunch there instead. a lovely two course deal at la vita in glasgow later, and all memories of the actual birthday lunch are erased. mmmmmm :)

drinks with folk the night after, then it was back to london town. clipper were launching the teamGB boat in trafalgar square. the video footage of the work required to get her in position is really awesome:

I stayed at a mate's flat in marylebone (plush!) and saw loads of folk I hadn't seen yet. I know, it's hard to believe by this time I haven't seen everyone I've ever met... I headed over to trafalgar square on thursday morning to see what the fuss was all about. it really looked cool and I think clipper did well to arrange it all.

teamGB, albeit with a daft stubby mast... ;)

from london it was onto the team building weekend with matt's minions (as we are now calling ourselves). but that gets its own blog entry :D


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