"I'll hae nae hauf-way hoose but aye be whaur extremes meet..." Hugh McDiarmid

Sunday, 22 December 2013

cape town stopover, or the week that I forgot...

I haven't written anything in my diary for this stopover. and writing this after the fact it is difficult to recall everything that happened this week. I know that we did the deep clean, rig check and maintenance. but apart from that I'm not sure. I know that we had a corporate day sail for mission on the 2nd of november because I put that it. me, dave and joe were on it with matt. I know it was one of only three days sailing that dave got before he was eventually medevac'd just off south africa.

I also know that we had the mass crew brief on the 3rd, but I didn't go as I had a lot to do on the boat after matt dropped the bombshell that I am now bosun as well as media, because ed has had to go home and mark doesn't rejoin until leg 4. this was the day I was supposed to go to robben island with pete and his mum, but couldn't as I was working.

there was shopping, eating and drinking. there was a little bit of sightseeing, and a bit of hanging out in kate's posh hotel room. apart from that the memories have gone. my poor little brain is being overloaded with stuff. images and thoughts that I can't keep track of.

and I'm afraid that's just going to have to do!!

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