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Sunday, 22 December 2013

rio stopover, or 48 hours to turn the boat around and get back to sea

waking up with a bit of a hangover and having to do a deep clean is not something I'd recommend. although I imagine it will probably happen again... me and kate were cleaning the sole boards on the pontoon which meant sliding around in bare foot with hoses and many, many laughs. a very beautiful superyacht called 'louise' arrived on the opposite berth to us. much to our delight there are several extremely good looking boys on board :)

the best thing about arriving late into rio of course is that our new leggers are already here and eager to help. amazing. can you do the deep clean please? and they did. what a bunch of troopers! taking our stinky boat and turning her back into something presentable. not that they have a vested interest of course ;)

once the deep clean is done, I do the rig check and start the maintenance list. the victuallers are already away shopping and everyone is hard at work. the pulpit came away, so it has been removed for repair locally. laundry is being done and showers are being had, although the marina facilities at the marina du gloria are pretty awful with only two showers in the ladies - one runs hot, the other runs cold. amazing. there are no washing machines, so the lovely jo takes it away to do at the apartment she has rented with some of the crew. I am staying onboard, being a massive skinflint, so this is really my only option.

there has been a lot of beer trading going on. it's our primary currency at the moment. paul from the media side of clipper gave me some beer from him and tony for the testing I did while at sea. I then gave some of that to the maintenance guys, who have worked so hard for us since we got it. I really like them and we get on pretty well too.

we have the mission performance crew feedback session with christiaan which is really interesting. all our thoughts get fed back to the skippers and the mission guys do individual feedback with each skipper.

there is also the mass crew brief before the start of leg 2, which has been put back a day as we were so late arriving. after this, we have matt's brief. he talks us through his plans for the race as well as a full safety brief for the new leggers. after this I sort my stuff out and settle into my new bunk. I have an elastic washing line which I hang end to end and I keep all sorts of stuff on it. all the things I need day to day, like sunglasses, hats and camera live there, as well as drying socks! I am sharing a bunk with beth on this leg. we did level 3 together and I'm really pleased to be sailing with her again :)

just like that, the rio stopover is done. 48 hours in the marina. I never made it into rio at all :(

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