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Thursday, 11 April 2013

clipper skippers!

here they are - the 12 skippers for this years clipper round the world yacht race! which one will my team and me get? four weeks on saturday we find out :D

there is one lady skipper this year which is cool. a mix of nationalities too, with two aussies, a canadian, a dutchman and an irishman as well as the seven brits.

it's all getting very real now, with announcements about sponsorship and ports expected before crew allocation. that will be the big one for us, and the blog post will be done on the sunday that week I think so I can include all the information I have!

I was in the paper here in muscat again yesterday. the lovely kate from Y magazine has done a brilliant two page spread with loads of photos - thanks clipper PR folk! the main photo shows me and my fellow level 1 trainee lisa with matt, who was our training mate, and is now one of the skippers - second from the right above. how brilliant! if you've read my post about level 1 you'll know what a great time we had and how patient matt was :)

we had our last concert shell performance of this season at the opera house, so we've done the transformation for the last time. we have two really big operas coming in and hopefully that will keep my mind off waiting for crew allocation.

anyway, I am off to dubai for the weekend - our weekend here in oman is changing to friday and saturday to bring us in line with the emirates. normally it is thursday and friday, but our banks have been friday and saturday for a while now. this makes a whole lot of stuff easier for us. the change happens on the 1st of may, so in three months I'll have three different weekends! but that's fine, because on the race we won't really have weekends...

it's nearly may!!!

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  1. How exciting! I'm looking forward to hearing about the adventure.

    The piece in Y Magazine was fab and I'm sorry to hear about your sisters health. I'm sure she will be so proud of you though!

    Take care, Heather :)