"I'll hae nae hauf-way hoose but aye be whaur extremes meet..." Hugh McDiarmid

Saturday, 27 April 2013

we have a start date!

clipper have released 1st september as the start date for our race! this is a bit later than I think we were all expecting (or hoping for) but now we know :)

we don't have a home port yet though. there is a lot of speculation in the fb group, with london (greenwich) and weymouth the two favourites. it'll be interesting to see how close the guessing is! personally my wish of somewhere in scotland or ireland has been dashed as the last newsletter said 'somewhere in the south of england'...dammit!

crew allocation is now only two weeks away!!!!! and in five weeks I'll be heading back to scotland!!!! it looks like I'll have to find some work for a bit as the race start is later than I thought, but it'll be nice to be working in the UK again. catch up with some mates and all that.

we have had really quite british weather here for the last week. we had a thunderstorm that woke me up (very unusual) and scared the life out of the wee feral cat we've been looking after - so she got to bunk in with me for the night. we've had rain that's caused flooding all over muscat as well. the wadis are really full at the moment.

work is getting busy, building up to the last bit of the season. we have ballet folklorico de mexico in this week and they have some fairly terrifying massive headpieces in the show...

claire realises this is the second friday in a row she's worked...

I think this one looks like the wee girl from the ring films. anyone else? ;)

nothing much else has been happening really, hence why there was no post last week...

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  1. Great news about your start date! :-) that picture scared the life out of me though - freaky!! and yes, quite like the girl in The Ring films, although your one has an arguably better hair style ;-)